The Dream Team is the backbone of Church at the Crossing. We believe that you are the most satisfied when operating in the gifts God has given you. The Crossing provides an environment for you to serve and grow in your talents. We have a strategic plan called the Growth Track that aids you in becoming an active participator. This process will introduce you to the vision of Church at the Crossing, teach you what we believe, assist you in discovering spiritual gifts and implement how you can serve alongside us. For more information about the Growth Track and how to become part of the Dream Team, please contact us.

These are some of the ways people are serving today.


Parking Crew


The Parking Crew wants to be the first ones to greet and welcome our church family and guests to our property. We want to take the necessary steps to make sure that everyone has a place to park and that our handicap guests are cared for




Hospitality is another way of making our church family and guest feel welcome by simply serving up a good cup coffee. We take turns throughout the semester preparing coffee on Sunday mornings and serving it up with a smile.




Greeters get to greet our guests, answer any questions they may have or simply point them in the right direction.  We rotate on a monthly schedule.




This group serves the church by collection offerings on Sunday mornings. They work on a monthly rotation schedule.



This team handles all the sound, computer, lighting & technical sides of The Crossing. They make sure that the service runs smoothly and with excellence. You can have knowledge of these areas or be willing to learn.




This team cares for, loves on, and prays over babies. They help provide a fun enjoyable experience for children so that parents can be blessed in the adult service. Children are a blessing from God, so this team treats them like the “blessings” they are.




This team cares for, loves on, and prays for our toddlers. They help provide an interactive experience for children to be introduced to Christ through songs and play. Children are a blessing from God, so this team treats them like the “blessings” they are.




Join this team in leading children into a dynamic relationship with Jesus. Each week, children experience Bible Story time, music, crafts, and other hands-on activities during church services. The goal is provide a fun and safe, God-centered environment where children can play and learn.


Kids Crossing


This team helps create a place where each and every week children are boldly exposed to the love of Jesus. Invest in the lives of children by serving in a ministry that is both energetic and effective through small groups, worship, videos and skits.



If you have questions about how you can become part of our amazing Dream Team please contact our Dream Team Coordinator Brandy Dowdey 334-791-7567


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