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If you attend The Crossing regularly, have completed the Next Steps, and have an idea for a Life Group we want your participation. Please see John Dowdey for more information.

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“My Life Group is a place where I can…

love and grow with my family. It’s shown me that many other people go through the same struggles as I do, and I don’t have to go through trials alone. I can be real with them and share all the struggles I am going through while being there for other people.”

Fall Semester Life Groups 2017


Marriage and Family Groups

Young Married Hangout
Leaders: Jared and Katie Skinner
Co-Leaders: Justin and Melanie Tolbert
Meeting Time: Friday Nights (1 st meeting will be a Saturday afternoon kickoff)
Location: Various homes/Restaurant’s (will be communicate through the group)
Childcare: Bring your kids!
Description: This group is sure to be full of fun, friends, and good times! We will be meeting
every other week at a host home or a local spot to enjoy a great time together, while also
growing and strengthening our marriages. Whether it’s over food, games, devotions, or just
hanging out, you don’t want to miss it!

Vibrant Marriage
Leaders: John and Brandy Dowdey
Meeting Time: Every other Sunday from 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Location: Please inquire
Childcare: Childcare not provided
Description: Join other married couples as we encourage, strengthen, and challenge one
another to have an ever growing vibrant marriage.

*This Life Group is at capacity, however if you are interested in joining this Life Group still sign up to be on the communication list.


Social Groups

Yu-Gi- Oh! “King of Games”
Leader: Kenny Miller and Jake Stanley
Meeting Time: Saturday, Duels begin @ 5:00pm!!
Location: Church at the Crossing/Fanatix
Childcare: Childcare not provided
Description: Yu-Gi- Oh! is a Japanese manga series about a card game that tests your strategic
skills to overcome your opponent. Yu-Gi- Oh! is very easy to learn and is very fun. Come and join
us as we find out who is the king of games!

Young Adult Life
Leaders: Karl and Courtney Blumthal
Meeting Time: Every 3 rd and 4th Wednesday @ 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Location: Church at the Crossing
Description: We often are tested day to day with different circumstances. Our twenties can be
a challenging time for many of us. We want to discover direction and uncover purpose in this
group. We will discuss many current and applicable topics to our everyday life. If you are 21 –
25 yrs. old and looking for a place to connect this group is for you!!

CATC Pigskins
Leaders: Josh Bane
Meeting Time: NFL Fantasy Football Draft Party, September 3 rd @ 3pm.
Location: Church at the Crossing (Draft Party)
Description: Join in on the fun each week with ESPN’s Fantasy Football games! We play NFL
Fantasy Football, College Pick Em, and Bowl Mania! Anyone can join. Must have an ESPN
account (free to sign up). We will have our 4 th annual NFL Fantasy Football Draft Party @ 3pm.
Draft time starts at 3:30pm sharp. Bring your own snacks and a device to draft with!

Spiritual Growth Groups

Do Something Church
Leaders: Jordan Wright and John Dowdey
Meeting Time: Thursday’s @ 6:00pm – 7:15pm
Location: Church at the Crossing
Childcare: Child care not provided
Description: Do Something Church is a strategic outreach plan that will help us maximize our
outreach potential. We want to see hope established through our serving in our community.
We will walk through a curriculum together, as we grow our hearts to serve. Count. Walk. Ask.
Love. Discover this simple but effective approach to reach our community.

Going Deeper with God
Leaders: Bill Tuttle and Jake Stanley
Meeting Time: Tuesdays 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Location: Please inquire
For: Ages 18 yrs. of age and up
Description: “Do any human beings every realize life while they live it – every, every minute?” –
Emily in Thorton Wilder’s play, Our Town. “Where is the life we have lost in living?” – T.S. Eliot.
“I am the way, the truth, and the life.” – Jesus.
Are we among the vast majority of American Christians who fail to experience life daily as Jesus
intended, even here in Church at the Crossing? Most likely, yes. This video series will open our
eyes to a transformation to the life Jesus has made possible here and now that we may never
before have experienced!

Wednesday Night Bible Study
Leaders: Stacy Turney and Richard Lavallee
Meeting Time: Wednesday’s @ 6:00pm.
Location: Church at the Crossing
Childcare: Child care not provided
Description: Join us on Wednesday’s as we unpack sermons from Sunday Services. We will look
deeper at scriptures used, and unpack points on a personal level. We want Sunday’s sermon to
stick, and challenge us as we grow in our relationship with Christ.

Journey Through Scripture
Leaders: Joel and Bekah Sewell and Adam and Danielle Riddle
Meeting Time: Friday’s @ 6:00pm
Location: Host home (will be communicated to the group)
Childcare: Kid friendly environment
Description: Phase I: Hearing Him speak. Join us on this journey through scripture, as we focus
on hearing Him speak.


Women’s Groups

HE Walks with Me
Leader: Mina Dowdey
Meeting Time: Saturday’s @ 8:00am
Location: Kiwanis Park (Westgate), 900 Deerpath Rd., Dothan, Al.
Childcare: Childcare not provided
Description: If you enjoy exercise, walk, and YES ZUMBA, this group is for you!! We want to get
to know one another, develop meaningful relationships, and grow in our walk with Jesus!! We
will share a quick devotion together and hit the trail on some Saturday’s, and enjoy ZUMBA on
others! Regardless of your fitness level, start your Saturday’s off with us!!!!

So Long Insecurity
Leaders: Christin McBride and Dana Peters
Meeting Time: Wednesday’s @ 6:00pm
Location: Please inquire
Description: This group is designed to bring women together in a community of support. This
group will provide an in-depth look at what the Bible has to say about image, society,
relationships, and our innate longing for soul-deep security. Come join us on this soul and life
changing journey.

Crafting the “Perfect” time w/God
Leader: Dani Loukinas
Meeting Time: Bi-weekly Tuesday’s @ 6:00pm
Location: Church at the Crossing (Kid’s Crossing)
Childcare: Childcare not provided
Description: What is the “perfect” way to spend our time with God? Join us as we discover
ways to connect with God without just making it another item to check off of our to-do list.
Learn to listen to the Holy Spirit and craft your own personal “perfect” way to spend your time
with Him.

War Wise
Leader: Aleah Dixon
Meeting Time: Bi-weekly Tuesday’s @ 6:00pm
Location: Church at the Crossing (Kid’s Crossing)
Childcare: Childcare not provided
Description: This women’s life group will be a 6 week expository biblical study for women in our
church and our community!!

Courageous Events
Leader: Brandy Dowdey
Meeting Time: Saturday’s (Date determined by the event)
Location: Event Sites
Childcare: Childcare not provided
Description: Cup of Courage Women’s Conference gave us an opportunity to connect with
women in the wiregrass area. These events will continue to facilitate genuine relationships, as
we courageously go after what God has for us. Join us as we continue to build relationships
together!! Event 1: Holy Yoga, Monday, September 18th @ 6:00pm Event 2: Sandi McCool
Champions of Hope, Saturday, October 21st @ 7:30am


Men’s Groups

Men’s Breakfast
Leaders: Steve Sexton
Meeting Time: Tuesdays @ 8:00am – 9:00am
Location: Atlanta Bread Company, 3070 Ross Clark Circle Dothan, Al
Childcare: Childcare not provided
Description: Join us as we meet over a cup of coffee, breakfast, and great conversation. We will
enjoy discussions with focus on becoming the men of God we were created to be.

Adventure Men
Leaders: Garrett Hurst
Meeting Time: Sunday afternoons @ 2:00pm
Location: Varies with activity
Geared Towards: 18 and up
Group Size: Limited to 15 people
Childcare: Childcare not provided
Description: Adventure Men is a group for men centered around spiritual growth in the context
of relationships. The group will consist of fishing, clay target shooting, four wheeler riding, and
other activities as mentioned. We will meet on Sunday afternoons at 2:00pm and the duration
is dependent on the activity.


Student Groups

Senior High/ 1 st and 2 nd Year College Core Groups
Leaders: John and Brandy Dowdey
Meeting Time: Every 3rd and 4th Wednesday @ 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Location: Church at the Crossing, 208 T.V. Road Dothan, Al
For: 14 yr. olds – 20 yr. olds
Childcare: Childcare is not provided
Description: Students are looking for a place to CONNECT! That’s what core groups are all
about! Whether you are a senior high student or a 1 st or 2 nd Year College student, join us as we
unpack thoughts about God in an age appropriate discussion based setting.

Junior High Core Group
Leaders: Doug Dowdey and Christin McBride
Meeting Time: After 10:30am Worship
Location: Church at the Crossing, 208 T.V. Road Dothan, Al
For: Junior High (6 th – 8 th grade)
Childcare: Childcare is not provided
Description: Calling ALL junior high students! This core group is all about YOU!! Join us after
worship for a fun time together as we hang out and learn more about God’s purpose for us!

Encounter Kids
Leaders: Hosted by Kids Crossing
Meeting Time: Every 1 st Wednesday @ 6:30 – 8:00pm
Location: Church at the Crossing, 208 T.V. Road Dothan, Al
For: K – 5 th
Description: KIDS!!! Join us every 1 st Wednesday for your own ENCOUNTER Night!! We will
spend time learning and growing together as we celebrate the freedom we find in Christ!!

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